Embroidered Velvet Shawls - Afreen

Become royal this winter with Afreen - Khoobsurat Luxury Pure Velvet Shawl Collection

It goes without saying that embroidered velvet shawls are the trend to follow this season. So many brands have added this sophisticated and elegant accessory to their collections this season and now it is NurFashion’s turn. With wedding season and winter coming up velvet shawls are a style staple that is sure to keep you under the spotlight wherever you go. These gorgeous embroidered velvet shawls have also been featured on several fashion shows by both men and women. This has made us realize the delicacy of tila embroidery in these beautiful and luxurious velvet shawls. Snake these shawls through your arms, drape them around your shoulder or simply wrap these around yourself and use them to protect yourself from the cold wintery air. If you are attending a wedding, then style these with a silky or embroidered dress and, if you are not in the mood of going overboard, pair the velvet shawl with a plain dress. Either way, you are bound to look extremely elegant.

You can get velvet shawls online in Pakistan directly from NurFashions webpage. We have recently launched our beautiful collection- Afreen, featuring 20 gorgeous velvet shawls with intricate embroidery and a range of colors that are sure to remind you of rare gemstones. Just search for velvet shawls online in Pakistan and explore our wide range of amazing shawls that you can order directly from our webpage. Get any color you like and any design that makes your heart skip a beat. These shawls are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. Wear them for a wedding, a formal dinner, or carry them as a warming shawl. These are sure to get people intrigued by your outfit and make you feel glamorous. If there is one piece of advice a fashion designer can give you, it will be to invest in at least one velvet shawl this wedding season and see how your whole look just completes itself.