Mahjabeen II

It doesn’t have to be western to be warm and fuzzy anymore! Leather Peach is a fabric that provides the warmth of a woolen cardigan while still looking eastern. The cloth feels fluffy and soft, providing you the cozy feeling you crave in cold weather.

Leather Peach – The Option to Go For

Ladies Unstitched 3 Piece Leather Peach Suits are a good option if you’re traveling to a country which has cold climate or vising the northern areas of Pakistan. Leather Peach is a fabric that doesn’t wear out easily which means it can last you your whole trip!

Even if you’re not traveling, Ladies Unstitched 3 Piece Leather Peach Suits are the best option for winter season because they keep you warm while making you look elegant.

NUR’s Mahjabeen II – Leather Peach Collection

NUR features leather peach fabric in collection named Mahjabeen II. We make sure to provide designs and styles that are eastern but also cater to the modern women of today. Our colors and designs are versatile, fitting every woman’s taste whether she is a stay at home or a working lady.

The leather peach suits in Mahjabeen II collection are breathtaking on their own but they can also be customized to fit your requirements. Get them stitched according to your size, the fabric has a nice flowing texture that gives your body an elegant silhouette. The fabric can be customized into a traditional tunic or modern asymmetric hemline, it all depends on your style! Wear Mahjabeen II as an A-line dress or chic kaftan and turn heads wherever you go!

NUR prioritize their customers and want their products to be available to everyone. To make Nur more accessible the prices are set to make sure they are not unnecessarily high, we provide products at prices that are just.

Explore NUR’s Mahjabeen II and get busy looking elegant in chilly weather!