Mahjabeen | Unstitched Embroidered Viscose Collection 2021

Nur keeps their customers a priority and makes sure they are always getting the best – which is what they deserve. For that reason, Nur has launched Unstitched Embroidered Viscose Suits – Mahjabeen collection which is the best option for you this season.
Ladies Viscose Dresses are not a popular choice but smart women know that it is the most flexible option when you’re buying clothes. Viscose can be worn in lightly breezy weather and also in the beginning days of summer.
The fabric is soft, it looks like silk but feels like cotton offering more breathability than silk and its counterparts. Viscose is extremely lightweight and flowy, giving your clothes a nice fall that provides your outfit a good silhouette.
Keeping all the beneficial qualities of viscose in mind, Mahjabeen features the versatile fabric with embroidery that is breathtaking. The threadwork in Mahjabeen is delicate with patterns that are contemporary, keeping an identity of their own. Mahjabeen’s threadwork is perfect for a coming-of-age woman who wants to embrace her eastern identity while also being an individual of the present.
The colors of Mahjabeen are chosen keeping inclusivity in mind. The collection has the conventional colors like black and blue while also having out of the box options like olive green and cool orange.
Because the collection is unstitched, it can be easily customized according to your style and size. Get your favorites stitched according to your body, we offer enough fabric, keeping in mind the plus sized women.
Order your favorite pick now to be Nur Girl!