3PC Printed Lawn Suits 2022

Summer is here and the hot topic of each summer is being discussed again, i.e., none other than “Lawn”. For a Pakistani woman, summer is incomplete without lawn collections that offer something different from one another. All brands are coming up with their signature styles while making 3PC Printed Lawn Suits 2022 the most trending topic among ladies.

When it comes to breaking out of the norm and coming up with something fresh, NUR beats all! The newly launched 3PC Printed Lawn Suits collection named Mayanaaz is a breath of fresh air in this overwhelming heat.

Mayanaaz is a collection that features the most high-quality lawn fabric, which is lightweight and airy in hot weather. The cotton fabric provided for the trousers makes sure nothing is see-through while being light on the body. Chiffon is a fabric that is light, flowy, and perfect for a dupatta, and for that reason, Mayanaaz features dupattas that are made of flowy chiffon.

Mayanaaz breaks the norm with its unique pattern of colors. While having the conventional one-tone shirts, Mayanaaz also features shirts with unique two-tone or three-tone patterns. The two-tone pattern can be seen in shirts where color is fading out to its lighter shades, giving the feel of dip-dye color. Three-tone shirts are truly creative with one color transitioning into another with light tones of the third color in between.

The all-new Mayanaaz collection is now live and available to purchase. So don’t wait! Explore the fresh designs now!