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Unstitched Embroidered Karandi Collection 

Styling winter outfits are always fun. You have many options like hoodies, sweats, jackets, but since we're living in Pakistan, we have different kinds of choices. Winter fabrics vary greatly in Pakistan from Khaddar to linen but there's one fabric that stands out and surpasses all, and we call it Karandi.

Karandi fabric is soft like nubby cotton but is warm like Khaddar. The cloth comprises unique and exclusive microfiber which gives it good breathability and soft texture. The fabric is mostly styled sophisticatedly as it's usually worn formally.
As desirable as Karandi is, it is also pricey and sold for high demand. You may think it might not be for you because of its price but stay assured! NurFashions offers Karandi articles at affordable prices.

NurFashions’ Unstitched Embroidered Karandi Collection offers beautiful and elegant unstitched Karandi 3-piece suits that are elegant and beautiful just according to your needs. The colors and designs are versatile to suit every taste. Karandi is contemporary yet modern, depicting the soul of Nur. The fabric is lighter and allows you to move flawlessly wherever you go.

The Karandi Fabric offered by NurFashions is optimal and the best when it comes to the quality of the fabric. NurFashions always promises quality and good designs and always fulfills that promise.