Husn-e-Jahan - 3PC Khaddar Suits

Unstitched 3PC Khaddar Suits

Winter has brought the cold weather in its full swing this time and we need more clothes to cover up. A Pakistani woman needs eastern wear no matter if she’s a housewife or working woman. And what option is better than unstitched khaddar suits?With unstitched khaddar suits you not only have unlimited options in terms of print, but you also have the option of customizing it according to your style and size. There are many options with the name of the winter khaddar collection in the market and it can be confusing what to go for.

NurFashions has brought its khaddar collection, Husn-e-Jahan that caters to all your needs. Husn-e-Jahan is a collection of khaddar 3 piece suits that are each a style statement on its own. Husn-e-Jahan offers khaddar suits that have a variety of prints catering to every kind of style.

Be it minimalistic or traditional, Husn-e-Jahan has an option for you. The prints are versatile and made keeping only one thing in mind, aesthetic. When you explore this collection, you see that it is not limited or bound by one type of design.

Husn-e-Jahan collection is made of khaddar, the ultimate fabric for winters. Nurfashions never compromise on their quality of fabric and Husn-e-Jahan is an example of that. Our khaddar fabric is flowy while being warm. Unlike many khaddar collections that are either not warm enough or extremely rigid.

Because our khaddar isn’t rigid, it hugs your body closely to give a delicate look. You can style Husn-e-Jahan to be a kaftan, A-line shirt, or traditional cut, it’s all up to your choice!

Be creative and explore different styles with our khaddar collection Husn-e-Jahan. It is the right fit for your winter wardrobe, providing versatility and style.

Stay assured, it is not pricey at all! NurFashions doesn’t charge you unnecessarily high, we provide the best at the best price. Go on to our website and explore the range of options now!