Nur Printed Khaddar '21

Unstitched Printed Khaddar Suits

Winter brings a lot of excitement with it. There are winter-specific foods and clothing items that make their way into our lives. Who doesn't like a bit of change from the usual monotony? And when it comes to clothing, your style takes a 360 shift.

Jackets, Coats, Boots, all come out of the deepest ends of your storage space and you dust it off, gleaming with excitement to wear them. But as much as we like to wear western in winters, we can't let go of the love we have for eastern wear. Besides having eastern wear in your wardrobe is also a need!

Be it a usual day at the office or a tea party at your relative’s, having eastern wear is conventional and fit for the occasion. But conventional doesn’t mean that you don’t get style or freeze from the cold! A good fit also has to be warm and pleasing to the eyes.

Keeping all of it in mind, Nurfashions is offering you unstitched printed khaddar suits. Our unstitched printed khaddar suits are versatile and cater to every kind of style. Whether you’re a traditional woman or the rebel and futuristic kind, you can style our khaddar prints according to your needs because they’re unstitched.

Ladies’ khaddar dresses are usually too generic and if you shop for just fabric, it's usually not of good quality and too rigid. Our khaddar collection is flowy while being warm. We make sure that the fabric hugs your body delicately while providing you the warmth you need in chilly weather.

You can customize our prints to be stylish kaftan or a traditional Kurti. Our range has the prints to cater to every need, from minimalistic monoprints to traditional flowers and designs. Explore our khaddar collection on our website to witness the unlimited options!

Stay assured about the price because we don’t charge unnecessarily high, we offer the best at the best price.

So, fasten your seatbelt and be ready for the joyful ride of exploring our khaddar collection. Nurfashions doesn’t disappoint!