Ladies Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered Suits

Life doesn’t stop and so does our love for living it to the fullest. From make up to accessories, we keep finding ways to look ravishing every other day, because looking good is an integral part of loving yourself and your life! What completes a good look is a good outfit, without it you just can’t go right!
Wedding season, meet-ups, parties, annual festivities, Eid, Bakra Eid, we just need a chance to dress up and look our best. But what is that one thing that makes our special days even more special? Outfit with embroidery that catches everyone’s attention, the fabric that keeps you comfortable while you shine the brightest in the event, colors that are to die for; vibrant, unique, and amazingly blended.
Ladies Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered Suits by Nur are the perfect example of such dresses. The dresses that you dream to wear on an special occasion, the dress that makes your day, the dress that turns all the heads in the room.
Ladies Unstitched 3 Piece Embroidered Suits are hand-crafted with a lot of intricacy and detail. They are embroidered to perfection to suit you very finely and elevate your look to perfection. The embroidery is of high-quality and doesn’t get worn-off easily.
The fabric is extremely soft and easy to wear, you won’t even realize you’re wearing an embroidered 3pc dress because of the way it makes you feel; comfortable and at ease. So wear it, embrace it, flaunt it, because the options to explore with Nur are endless.