Winter Collection

Winter is coming and it’s time to replace those lawn suits with cozy and warm winter suits. It’s that time of the year when women all over are rushing to stores to take advantage of the winter collection sale so that they get their favorite designs is a reasonable price considering that winters do not last that long in our country. This is also when almost every brand is releasing their winter collection 2021 and women are going from store to store to buy the suit they find the most affordable and stylish. However, NurFashions has the perfect solution to this problem. We offer a wide range of unstitched winter collections for women. Our suits do not just come in beautiful colors and designs but are extremely affordable and can be purchased online; thereby saving you from the hassle of taking out time from your busy schedule.

This includes our already existing collection, Nazakat by Nur, and the newly introduced Cotail linen collection. One may wonder that linen is mostly worn during the summers considering that it is light-weight, breathable and has cooling properties. However, you may be surprised to know that linen is also perfect for the winters as it retains heat and prevents our bodies from freezing. You can get both of these unstitched winter collections for women online from our website. Two additional collections that you need to add to your wardrobe are our newly introduced velvet shawl collection Afreen and the Noor-e-Chasham. These are NurFashion’s official luxury winter collection 2021. The Noor-e-Chasham is unstitched and made from karandi fabric which is perfect for the winters. This winter collection for girls can be purchased from our website. All you have to do is visit our website, select the suit that you like the best and wait just a few days for you to receive your package.